'Friday' tracks your calls, texts and more on your Android phone

'Friday' tracks your calls, texts and more on your Android phone
Want to know if your phone was on vibrate instead of ring when you missed that important call from your boss last month? If you own an Android phone running 2.1 or higher, you can get that answer and more with 'Friday'. Available only as a private Alpha release for now, the app gives you all sorts of statistics about how you use your Android handset. You can find out how much strength your battery had at certain times, finds out how many incoming calls you had last week, or you can see a map of all the places you've been from a certain date.

Sure, some of the information is useless, but if you like statistics and love to analyze things, 'Friday' will probably end up installed on your phone. And if you didn't know that it was downloaded on your handset, you would never know except if you stare at the notification bar after a call or text. Otherwise, 'Friday' is quiet.

The app is free, but you need to be approved for the Alpha release for it to start working. Simply installing the app without this approval will not work. To sign up for 'Friday' and ask for approval, simply click on this link.

source: AndroidGuys


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