Foxconn re-opens factory that had been shuttered due to fight

Foxconn re-opens factory that had been shuttered due to fight
Admit it, you were worried. You read yesterday the story about how the massive brawl at a Foxconn factory in China, which involved 2,000 assembly line workers and injured 40, had shut down production at the plant. At that point, you  were concerned that your Apple iPhone 5 on back order might never come. Well, we have good news to tell you this morning. Production at the factory, which is said to produce Apple iPhones and Apple iPads among other devices, is set to restart with the plant now open again. As for the brief closing of the factory, Foxconn has declined to say if that will affect availability of the Apple iPhone 5. The device sold 5 million units over its first weekend of sales and there is now a 3 to 4 week wait for deliveries on orders taken now.

As you might imagine with a situation like this, there are conflicting reports on why the fight started. Earlier reports that it began with a disagreement between a restaurant owner and an assembly line worker were replaced by the latest speculation that the fisticuffs started with a fight between a guard at the factory and an assembly line worker. One anonymous source told the AP that the fight grew out of resentment on the part of Foxconn workers about how they are being treated by Foxconn security guards and managers. Without a process for workers to air grievances about unfair labor practices, violence is the only way that they can speak out.

The four hour fight took place at a Foxconn facility where it is believed that back covers for the Apple iPhone 5 are produced, although others claim that the Nintendo Wii console is the focus of that factory's assembly line. As for Foxconn and Apple, we would imagine that insurance will cover any damage to the factory and any lost business that Apple had been counting on.

source: AP via SlashGear
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