Foursquare is apparently working on an automatic check-in feature for its iOS app

Foursquare is apparently working on an automatic check-in feature for its iOS app
Continuing to make great strides with its mobile apps, wouldn’t it be cool to have the Foursquare app to automatically check-in to various spots – as opposed to doing it yourself? From the sound of it all, we’re possibly closer to that reality as Foursquare product head Alex Rainert disclosed the good news.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Rainert mentioned that the app would be gaining automatic check-ins over time, but it seems that “technical restraints” and design are preventing it from becoming a reality right now. Fortunately, the iOS 5 Radar feature is actually aiding the process. Specifically, it provides pertinent features for geo-fencing and background location, which are used to trigger the app ‘s behavior.

Just like what we find with the Reminders feature with iOS 5, it essentially provides reminders flags that are triggered according to location – such as leaving or arriving at a certain location. Therefore, Foursquare can theoretically use the Radar feature for its own purposes with automatic check-ins. Of course, permissions would be required to complete the implementation, but rather than going ahead in checking them in, it’ll simply prompt them instead.

As it stands, there’s no word yet on when an update is planned for release, but we surely hope it’ll be soon. With the rest of its mobile apps, it's not known if we'll see this feature making its way to them, but we're certain that it'll become available one way or another.

source: Business Insider via Electronista


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