Five photo editing apps for the iPhone

Five photo editing apps for the iPhone
Since we often enjoy ourselves venturing deep into the endless App Store, we actually thought that it might be a good idea to report about the more interesting offerings that we come across to you. In this article, we'd like to spread the word on 5 photo editing apps for your iPhone, that might be able to do some fine work for you while on the go. We're not really sure about their capabilities, since we've not given them an in-depth look, but still feel that they might turn out useful for certain needs.

Adobe Photoshop Express | Price: Free | Size: 6.6MB | iTunes link

There can be no article about photo editing on the iPhone without the inevitable inclusion of Photoshop Express. Adobe's mobile software may not be the most advanced one in terms of features, but it definitely gets the job done when it comes to essential tasks such as cropping, exposure, saturation, contrast, etc. What adds value to the deal is its price tag of free.

PhotoForge | Price: $2.99 | Size: 4.7MB | iTunes link

PhotoForge is another heavyweight that might be pretty well-known to some of you, but its incredibly wide array of functions just earned its mention once again. Being one of the most profound iPhone apps for the purpose, PhotoForge lets you do so many kinds of stuff to your images that we feel we'll run out of space if start listing. Hit the iTunes link for all the magic.

CameraBag | Price: $1.99 | Size: 0.3MB | iTunes link

What CameraBag does can be categorized as more of a stylization than editing, but still, we find its capabilities of adding an artistic touch to seemingly regular photos potentially valuable. CameraBag sports about 14 different “cameras”, or rather filters, which you can quickly switch between in order to see which one will best suit your photo.

FX Photo Studio | Price: $1.99 | Size: 19.7MB | iTunes link

While we're on the topic of photo filters and effects, FX Photo Studio seems like a real powerhouse as it comes with a total of 181 effects, divided into 19 categories, plus some basic goodies such as a crop tool, brightness adjustment, etc. With so much options to choose from, we guess FX Photo Studio makes for a great choice for those who enjoy experimenting by adding various filters to their images.

PhotoPad | Price: Free | Size: 7MB | iTunes link

For its free price, PhotoPad seems like a pretty well feature-packed photo editing application for the iPhone and iPad. It allows you to apply various color effects, crop images, paint, adjust colors, contrast and saturation, as well as use different tools like red eye detection and so on. Not as complete as PhotoForge, but still a fine free offering.


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