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Fitbit outs Charge 2 and Flex 2, upgrading some of its best fitness trackers

It is hard to beat the popularity of Fitbit's Charge HR when it comes to fitness trackers, but the new gear from Fitbit attempts to do just that. The fresh Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2 join the rank of more than half a dozen fitness bands from the maker, and each adds a unique twist to differentiate them not only from the competition, but from the rest of the company's offerings as well.

The Fitbit Charge 2 now features a much bigger screen, which is not touch-enabled, and connected GPS that uses your phone's tracking to add to your workout routine stats. Thus, the accompanying app will be able to map the fitness route taken while you were wearing the Charge 2. On the extra software features side of things, you get the Cardio Fitness metric that, in conjunction with the heart rate sensor, gives you exercise scores based on gender, your age, and how much you weigh. Another nifty addition is the option called Relax, which is supposed to take the edge off in two or five-minute guided deep breathing sessions. Battery life is said to be about five days or so. The price? Well, the new Fitbit Charge 2 will set you back $149, as much as the Charge HR, and you can preorder one as soon as today, with release date in mid-September.

The second band that Fitbit announced today is the Flex 2, and it is the first "swimproof" fitness tracking one from Fitbit, as it is water-tight. It does the usual activity tracking like steps and distance, calories count, or sleep reports. The design is rather simple, without any display, just four LED lights that can signal your progress, or wake you to a notification from your phone. Fitbit's Smart Track feature is covered, too, and the Flex 2 will figure out the activity you just started all on its own; plus, it will nudge you when you've been idle too long, which is usually a nuisance in this sedentary age. The Flex 2 is up for preorder at $99 but won't be released until October, but, hey, it's actually a module that can be placed in different types of wrist bands, and Fitbit offers those in gold, silver, or actual 22-carat rose gold. Any takers?

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