First TV phone launched by Verizon

First TV phone launched by Verizon
Verizon Wireless is the first carrier in the US to offer true TV streaming service to its subscribers. The new service, called Mobile TV, is available from March 1st. The new service, based on Qualcomms MediaFlo technology, offers real TV viewing experience on wireless devices.

The new service will be initially available in the following cities:
- Jacksonville, FL
- New Orleans, LA
- Dallas, TX
- Albuquerque-Santa Fe, NM
- Tucson, AZ
- Palm Springs, CA
- Las Vegas, NV
- Salt Lake City, UT
- Colorado Springs, CO
- Denver, CO
- Wichita, KS
- Kansas City, MO
- Omaha-Lincoln, NE
- St. Louis, MO
- Chicago, IL
- Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN
- Norfolk-Richmond, VA
- Portland, OR
- Spokane, WA
- Seattle, WA

The service will initially offer three packages.

Limited Basic Select
Included Channels
4 - Fox Mobile, NBC, NBC News, CBS Mobile
8 - Fox Mobile, CBS Mobile, Comedy Central, MTV, NBC, Nickolodeon, NBC News, ESPN
8 - Fox Mobile, CBS Mobile, Comedy Central, MTV, NBC, Nickolodeon, NBC News, ESPN
Parental Controls
VCAST TV Pack (unlimited basic video clips, access to Mobile 2.0, unlimited airtime, unlimited airmail)
Extra Fees apply
Extra Fees apply
Price $13
$15 $25

The first TV phone, Samsung U620 is very simple slider and it has large retractable (but internal) antenna and its display is QVGA. You can now get it for $150 after discounts. The higher-end VX-9400 will launch later.

Samsung SCH-U620 specifications with video demo of the TV service


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1. James unregistered

I went to a Verizon store in Tucson, AZ yesterday to check out the Samsung TV phone and service. They had 2 units on display, one completely dead - wouldn't stay turned on - and one flashing low battery so much that I could only attempt operation of the TV service for about 3 minutes before it shut off as well. When I asked the store personel about a power adaptor or another battery, they said they will have to order some extended batteries for them... wow! Rather amazing lack of interest of a brand new product launch!

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