First Easter Egg found in Chrome Beta for Android

First Easter Egg found in Chrome Beta for Android
It is no surprise that Google loves Easter Eggs. The company has tons of them built-in to various products from Search to Maps to Gmail and of course Android. We've seen Easter Eggs in the past few versions of Android including various pieces of art based on the OS version nickname, as well as the infamous Nyan Cat remix. Now, the first Easter Egg from Chrome Beta has been found. 

It may not be the most impressive, but it can be fun if you're bored. The trick is pretty simple: just go to your tab screen, pull up from the bottom of the screen 5 times, and there you go, Chrome tab Easter Egg fun. It's not unlike this Google Search trick, but still fun for a time or two. 

And, of course, since theoretically about 99% of you don't have an Android 4.x device capable of running Chrome Beta, we've put a video of the trick below.


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