'Find My iPhone" app allows you to remotely wipe or locate your handset

'Find My iPhone" app allows you to remotely wipe or locate your handset
As much as it's a total bummer whenever someone misplaces their iPhone or even worse, stolen, there is still a sense of hope in retrieving it if they've signed up for the MobileMe service. Basically you can download the 'Find my iPhone” app on another iPhone which you can then use to track down your lost handset versus having to lug around something unwieldy like a laptop or something else in search of your prized possession. The app also offers you an arsenal of features to allow you control of your handset despite it being missing – such as being able to remotely lock or wipe it completely. If you do consider taking the path of retrieving the handset yourself, the app will locate your lost handset on a map where you can even send a message which will be displayed on the iPhone's screen. Even though the app is truly a phenomenal source you can use to find your MIA iPhone, we'd hope you'd rarely ever find your prized handset missing from your side.

source: iTunes via TUAW


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