Facebook for Windows Phone treated to a massive design overhaul, new features in store as well

Facebook for Windows Phone treated to a massive design overhaul
The Windows Phone version of the arguably most popular social network globally, Facebook, has been revamped and now comes with a greatly-altered design. Most of the new features (as well as the new design) have arrived directly from the beta version of the app. Luckily, the overhaul did not only change the looks of the app, but added a slew of new features as well. These will probably aid Facebook in expanding its 341-million mobile-only user base. At least on Windows Phone, that is.

As Facebook has already forced most of its mobile users to download its standalone messaging app, Facebook Messenger, the WP version of the social network is now fully integrated within its Messenger, which arrived on the platform several months ago. This means that users are enabled to switch between the duo in a seamless and convenient fashion.

Additionally, fans of the app will be able to shoot and upload videos directly to the WP version of Facebook. Another spic and span implementation is the scored support for the People Hub. The latter will only work on Windows Phone 8.1 devices and allows the Facebook app to take care of the contacts, events, and photos in your People Hub. While this might not be the most notable and important addition, the improved overall performance of the app probably is - after all, performance enhancements are always welcome, aren't they?

Are you using Facebook on Windows Phone? Is the new design worthy of your "like"? Share your thoughts below.

Download: Facebook (Windows Phone | Android | iOS)

source: Microsoft via Phone Scoop

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