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Facebook Messenger launches on Windows Phone 8


Facebook delivered on its promise toWindows Phone users and launched its Facebook Messenger on WP8. Theapp features the full social network experience with stickers,photos, statuses, checking messages without opening Facebook, andmore. 

There's group conversation and location sharing support. Youcan see who's read your messages, who's using Messenger, who's activeon Facebook, and who's who in general. You can have notifications onand off at your will, and keep your conversation history and contactsbacked on your phone.

The app looks exactly how thescreenshots depict it, and runs very smoothly. It's separated in twoscreens - "recent" and "messenger". There's aminimum amount of buttons to navigate and text your way through theapp. There's also a very handy feature that lets you browse yourfriend list by the first letter of your contacts' names. 

However, ifyou don't have friends that start with "A", for example,the app won't waste your time with an empty screen, but it willvisually indicate there are no A-names to be found in your addressbook.

Overall, Facebook Messenger was worththe wait. It's polished, lightweight, and shows Facebook gave it thenecessary attention. You can download it from the link below.

Download FB Messenger: WindowsPhone 8

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