Facebook ad reminds you that Facebook Home can be turned off if you want to be alone

Facebook ad reminds you that Facebook Home can be turned off if you want to be alone
A post on the Facebook Mobile Page, which some received as a mobile ad, reminded those who have installed the Facebook Home launcher, or who are considering it, that it can be deactivated allowing users to return to their widgets. Deactivating the launcher also gives the user some quiet down time without having his or her phone constantly interrupted by Cover Feed. Those who have the HTC First, which is sold with Facebook Home pre-installed, also have the option of shutting it down and using the device like any other Android model.

Even though Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said at D11 this past week that those using Facebook Home are using the social networking site 25% more and are sending 10% more messages, the app has been a ratings flop at the Google Play Store where it is limited to newer top-shelf models. AT&T is rumored to be dropping the HTC First after dropping the price to a mere 99 cents on contract.

Earlier this month, we told you that many are blaming the poor planning behind the launcher, to the fact that most Facebook developers are Apple iPhone users and wouldn't recognize the importance of a widget if it jumped up and bit them on the derriere. There is talk that a new version of Facebook Home is in the works which will address the issues from Android users that has prevented the app from becoming well-received.

source: TechCrunch


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