FCC gets timely visit from the Pebble smartwatch

FCC gets timely visit from the Pebble smartwatch
The most funded project in the history of Kickstarter with funding pledges totaling $10 million, the Pebble smartwatch missed out on the holiday season, as expected. That was the second delay for the device, which was originally supposed to launch in September. Using Bluetooth, the watch pairs with your smartphone to alert you to calls, messages, email (including Gmail), tweets, Facebook messages and even has apps for joggers and golfers. The device will also read texts and iMessages meant for Apple iPhone users. All this in a waterproof 50mm x 30mm body. Pebble's iOS and Android app lets you change the watchface whenever you want, from a number of great designs. The watch will be available in Arctic White, Jet Black or Cherry Red. A forth color will be selected by the public.

While the actual launch date for the Pebble smartwatch is unknown, the device did visit the FCC which is at the least, one important task that needed to be done before the watch was made available in the U.S. The group behind Pebble might be beginning to feel some pressure to release the smartwatch after hearing talk that Apple and Intel could be working together on a 1.5 inch iOS smartwatch of their own, that obviously would be one of Pebble's top competitors.

source: FCCKickstarter via Engadget



6. ibap

Posts: 873; Member since: Sep 09, 2009

"forth" color?

5. plgladio

Posts: 314; Member since: Dec 05, 2011

I own Motorola Motoactv which I brought especially for running but wearing like a watch. When I read what are the things this can do apart from pairing with Apple and email my watch does all of them for $149/- so nothing more special about this unless the price tag is much less than $150/-

4. cripton805

Posts: 1485; Member since: Mar 18, 2012

This should have been at 2nd or 3rd gen by now...

3. JGuinan007

Posts: 699; Member since: May 19, 2011

what is so special about this

2. JGuinan007

Posts: 699; Member since: May 19, 2011

What about the Sony Ericson smartwatch for android it's been out for 3yrs now and does all that and more with different apps loaded on ithttp://www.sonymobile.com/us/products/accessories/smartwatch/

7. ibap

Posts: 873; Member since: Sep 09, 2009

Yeah, but it looks like someone strapped a thick iPod on their wrist as an afterthought. And they have the nerve to label it "elegant"?

1. GoBears

Posts: 456; Member since: Apr 27, 2012

Well if the Apple news is true, Pebble better apply for every damn patent they can think of. If they don't, you know who will.

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