Eten announced three new Glofiish phones

Eten announced three new Glofiish phones
During the Computex 2008 computer expo, Eten announced its three new smartphones. All of them use the company’s new design language, introduced by the V900, and will offer a new touch interface on top of the Windows Mobile Professional OS, similar to HTC’s TouchFLO. It is touted for “finger-friendly icons and 3D animations”.

Eten DX900 is a dual-SIM smartphone, which allows it to work with two GSM/3G operators simultaneously. It is the first such WM smartphone, which helps it win the “Best Choise” award at the show.
Eten X900 is the successor of the X800.
X610 is the entry for the budget-friendly series, successor of the X600.

source: Eten

*The first unofficial information on the Eten DX900 appeared last month.



1. unregistered

Eten are cool, but pretty damn slow and with repetitive design. However, they are good anyway.

2. unregistered

menu looks like back in the day Windows 3.1, except with better color....nothing compared to the Diamonds UI

3. Casanova unregistered

TouchFlo biters?

4. unregistered

no not quite. thats SPB mobile shell 2.0 program layer

5. iLem unregistered

E-ten's are good? U are kidding right? They still haven't fixed the bugs in x650|x600 line. It still just goes out.

6. chess unregistered

sorry but i do not speak easaly english esperons qu'il y aura moins de probleme avec ces dernieres versions qu'avec son predecesseur le x800

7. unregistered

translation: "hope that there would be fewer problems with these latest versions as its predecessor the x800"

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