Eten DX900 is dual-SIM smartphone?

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Eten DX900 is dual-SIM smartphone?
Dual-SIM phones from a well-known manufacturer are pretty rare, and dual-SIM smartphones are even more unusual. A Czech site is reporting that Eten is preparing the Glofiish DX900 to feature this functionality and still to be packed into, what looks as, a slim body. It will use the same design language as the TV-capable V900 with a flat 2.8” VGA touchscreen on the front, send, end, and navigation keys. It is expected to run on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS, 533MHz Samsung processor and to feature GPS, WiFi and a 3-megapixel camera. Similar to other high-class Eten phones, it will be global phone with quad-band GSM and tri-band UMTS/HSDPA support.

We hope an official announcement and launch will follow soon.

source: SmartMania via PocketPCThoughts



1. jrcrow unregistered

why not make it an Eten Glowfish M800 or something with dual simcard ability.

2. unregistered

wow this nice new apple iphone dual-sim edition looks great. I understand eten is copycatters

3. Anomalies unregistered

I dislike Apple, but how retardedly immature are you? The world revolves around taking someone else's ideas and improving on them. Even your precious iPhone has stolen ideas from other phones. Seriously think before you type and go do something better with your time than constantly sucking Apple off.

4. SN_Gamer unregistered

I have an iPhone but yet I'm amazed at ignorant comments like that from "anonymous". Do you realize the iPhone isn't the first touchscreen phone? I swear that most iPhone "lovers" think apple invented the touchscreen. It can't even picture message or record video for Christ's sake! (I mean in a non-jailbroken state) The phone in the article has twice the screen resolution, builtin GPS, dual/simultaneous SIM card and the OPEN Windows Mobile format. The fact that I cannot add bluetooth GPS support to the iPhone is absolutely ridiculous - I mean I've used bluetooth GPS units with the old ass T-Mobile SDA, MDA and DASH.

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