Email app Spark now available for Apple iPad users

Email app Spark now available for Apple iPad users
Many Apple iPhone users love email app Spark because of its "Smart Inbox" that automatically filters unread emails by importance. The inbox knows the difference between a personal email, a notification and a newsletter, and will also let you look at incoming mail to see if it needs to be read immediately. The app offers the same swipe to archive or delete tool that other similar email apps feature, and you can snooze emails so they become hidden for a pre-set length of time.

Spark will work with any IMAP email server, and starting today it is offered for all Apple iPad models ranging from the 7.9-inch Apple iPad mini 4 to the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro. The iPad version of Spark optimizes the UI to fit the larger screens on a tablet. And with the update, Spark is also compatible with the Apple Watch and WatchOS 2. The app now supports English, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese.

To install Spark on your iOS device, click on the sourcelink. Your iOS device must be running on iOS 8.3 or later. We should also point out that Spark is a free download from the App Store.

source: Spark via MacRumors



1. bucky

Posts: 3795; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

Tried spark and was never wowed by it. Anybody use it? For some reason I still prefer stock mail app.

2. Unordinary unregistered

I love spark! But I prefer the stock app because of its streamlined markup feature. Plus it looks leagues cleaner than anything else. I'd have to say Microsofts Outlook app is tied for #1. If you haven't tried outlook, try it!

3. bucky

Posts: 3795; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

Im using it right now because of company server issues with the native mail app. Its a pretty solid mail app with the exception of taking too long to send emails with heavier attachments. other than that, its great.

4. Unordinary unregistered

Sweeeeet. Also, forgot which app does this (might be spark??) but it tells you when someone read your email. Pretty neat

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