Early LG V30 design shown off in leaked images

Early LG V30 design shown off in leaked images
Following the LG V10 of 2015, and the LG V20 of 2016, LG is expected to release a V30 smartphone sometime later this year. While both the V10 and V20 feature secondary ticker displays in addition to their main screens, the upcoming V30 might differ slightly in this regard.

According to two leaked images that reportedly show "old-ish mockups of Project Joan, a.k.a. the LG V30", LG seems to have envisioned the new handset as a slider phone. More exactly, the device would sport two independent touchscreen displays, with the lower (and smaller) one sliding out to reveal a larger area for interacting with apps. Naturally, thanks to its larger footprint, this slide-out screen would provide a better user experience than the small, rigid ticker screens of the V20 and V10. The secondary screen could even include a virtual keyboard, leaving more room for content to be shown on the main display.

These newly leaked images - embedded below - come from Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), one of the industry's most reliable sources. He says that it's "not clear if the project is still headed in this direction," so the real V30 could certainly be different - it all depends on how practical LG ultimately saw this slider idea. 

Update: Another image has been added below, showing possible use-case scenarios for the slide-out screen (including a keyboard).

If we're actually getting an LG V30 that resembles the device seen in these mockups, this would be a very modern take on the LG Chocolate slider series (phones from this series were extremely popular about a decade ago).

A previous report had it that the LG V30 would be officially announced this September, roughly one year after the V20. The handset should be compatible with Google Daydream, and might become LG's first flagship phone to use an OLED screen (or, well, maybe two OLED screens).

We're looking forward to seeing if LG can surprise us in any way with the V30. What about you? Do you think you'd like a modern LG slider like the one presented here?

source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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