Duolingo ABC helps kids stranded home learn to read and write

Duolingo ABC helps kids stranded home learn to read and write
The current coronavirus pandemic forced many people to work from their homes, but we mustn't forget the impact on children either. While the young seem to be more resilient to the new virus, schools and kindergartens are closed, leaving the education of our little ones limited to online courses and lessons. Language-learning platform Duolingo is trying to make things easier for parents and kids with its new app Duolingo ABC, SlashGear reports.

As the name suggests, it’s designed to help 3- to 6-years-old kids learn the alphabet and master reading and writing with a series of more than 300 interactive bite-sized lessons. It includes various word puzzles asking kids to assemble a word from a bunch of letters, a game of tracing the lines of letters to learn how to write them, matching animal pictures to their starting letters and more.

Duolingo ABC is free to download and already available on the App Store, and it is also free of any advertisement material making it safe for its young audience. Unfortunately, the app is available exclusively for iOS devices, so you have to find an iPhone or an iPad in order to take advantage, although the company plans to release an Android version in the near future as well.

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