Twitter CEO Dorsey says the company has thought about offering an edit button

Twitter CEO Dorsey says the company has thought about offering an edit button for users
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was speaking at the Indian Institute of Technology the other day, when he was asked whether Twitter plans on offering an edit function. This is probably the one question that the executive hears the most from Twitter users. Dorsey says that while Twitter has thought about adding an edit button, it would have to be offered to fix certain mistakes only, such as a typo. The edit function would not be allowed to make a change to a tweet that is dated a few months back.

In other words, it appears that Twitter would be open to the idea of a user quickly correcting a tweet because of a typo. Every Twitter member has sent a tweet with a typing mistake that they wish that they could correct. What the company would frown on is allowing someone to edit an older tweet in a manner that would change the meaning of the original message. What Dorsey is looking to guard against is a situation where an original tweet is posted, and those who agree with the message retweet it. But if the original tweet is changed by the author, you have a number of Twitter users who might no longer agree with the changed tweet. According to Dorsey, "that's what we need to prevent."

While Dorsey and the rest of the Twitter brass contemplate how to create an edit function that will satisfy users and Twitter executives alike, the app is still being mobbed by "fake news," fierce political discourse, and rhetoric from the left and right that makes this country more divisive.
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