Dolphin is the first mobile browser to pass a harsh HTML 5 test

Dolphin is the first mobile browser to pass a harsh HTML 5 test
With its latest beta, available now on Google Play, Dolphin Browser has become the very first mobile browser to complete step 2 of the very taxing Ringmark browser benchmark developed by Facebook.

Ringmark is a benchmark tool which aims to test a mobile browser's HTML 5 performance. The tests that it features are figuratively divided into three rings: 0, 1 and 2. Although most devices can easily go past Ring 0, Ring 1 has been impossible to complete successfully by any mobile browser until now. The latest Dolphin Browser beta, however, has achieved just that. According to the Dolphin team, their latest and greatest creation has succeeded due to its new and improved support for HTML 5 canvas, border-image, HTML 5 forms, partial WebRTC (WebCamera), XMLHttpRequest2, IndexdDB and other uber-geeky stuff.

Obviously, Dolphin wants to be ahead of the HTML 5 game, recognizing the fact that mobile Flash is being phased out. If you want to see how your mobile browser of choice scores in Ringmark, you'll find the benchmark right here.

And, as a sign of appreciation to the achievement of the latest Dolphin Browser, here's a link to its download page on Google Play.

source: Dolphin

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