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Dolphin browser brings multi-touch to DROID

Dolphin browser brings multi-touch to DROID
The Motorola DROID DOES many things but one thing it does not do is support multi-touch in the browser. However, a simple download of the Dolphin browser from the Android Market can change all that. Dolphin has just added multi-touch zoom support to the DROID, so if you're jealous that the overseas version of the phone does pinch-to-zoom in thebrowser, or if you are a heavy user of the social networking sites, youmight want to check out the video and give this browser a shot. Among the interesting features is that each site visited is checked for an RSS feed and if the RSS button appears, you can subscribe to the feed via Google Reader. You can share links with others through your social networking sites.Pages load quickly and there is quick connectivity with Google services. If you do go shopping at the Android Market and decide to pick up the Dolphin browser, let us know what you think and how it compares with other mobile browsers that you are familiar with.

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source:  Dolphin via EngadgetMobile

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