Do you like the bottom search bar on the new Pixel launcher?

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With the upcoming Pixel 2 and its larger, bezel-less XL sibling, Google will be putting greater emphasis on a tailored software, and we aren't talking only about fast updates to the newest mobile operating system versions. So far, a Verizon source has disclosed that the Pixel 2/XL will sport always-on song recognition, and it will automatically display titles and albums on the lock screen. 

As for the camera app, a fresh insider tip claims that the new Pixels will have an auto "Face Retouching" regime for removing blemishes and plumping up skin tones, which sounds suspiciously like the beautify mode on myriads of Chinese handsets, as well as "motion photos," which sound suspiciously like what Apple and Samsung or HTC have on their handsets.

The most immediately visible change, however, will be the brand new Pixel launcher installed on the new phones that includes a redesigned home screen, and a search bar that has gone beneath the dock. We played around with it a little bit at the Google I/O, as you can see in the video above, and found it inherently easier to use, instead of having to stretch all the way up when you need to search for an app or on the web. We realize, however, that this new placement will be a matter of personal preference, so we wanted to preemptively ask if you think you can get used to that thing being down there, or do you find the placement odd. Pick a side in the poll below, and sound off your arguments in the comments.

Do you like the bottom search bar on the new Pixel launcher?


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