Do you know what the "S" in Samsung's Galaxy S line stands for? The answer is super cheesy

Spend enough time on the internet, and you're likely to stumble upon just about every type of random trivia under our galaxy's warm sun. Today marks one such day, for we spotted a little-known (we guess) piece of Samsung PR that we couldn't help but marvel over. It has to do with the 'S' part of the Galaxy S line's name.

Unlike most other naming schemes, the S in your Galaxy S6 phone isn't just a random letter. And no, it doesn't stand for Samsung. Instead, said 2011 PR blast (the full body of which we've included at the bottom) announces a new naming strategy that the company was about to adopt back then, and it's super cheesy.

Here's an excerpt:

That means that you're actually the proud new owner of a Samsung Galaxy Super Smart 6. Of course, back in 2011, this probably didn't sound as cheesy as it does today (but still cheesy enough), and at least the move ushered in an era of relative sanity to Samsung's extensive portfolio of phones. Even then, however, it still proved downright impossible for industry watchers to effortlessly distinguish between them for many years after. 

As some of you will probably know, some of these lines are now defunct, though we still have some W-line contemporaries that are truly wonder-inspiring – like the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy W behemoth of a phone. And with that, we conclude today's history lesson.


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