Do you agree with Samsung's new focus on design-centric devices? (poll results)


When Samsung revealed the Galaxy S6, in addition to the new Galaxy A and Galaxy E lines, one thing became crystal clear: rumors claiming that the company is changing things up, specifically in terms of design, became fact. 

In the beginning of the week, we noted that a very recent poll of ours indicated that fans were not at all happy with the way the Galaxy S5 — the S6's predecessor — looked, ranking only in front of the original Galaxy S when compared with other devices from the premium series. We could tell as much as early as the S5 was released, triggering a torrent of criticism, and for its part, Samsung moved fast and essentially retired its VP of design for mobile devices. As should be obvious by now, this wasn't just damage control, but rather Samsung genuinely giving a hoot about what people thought of their devices' looks.

According to a poll we published earlier in the week, asking whether you agree with this new, design-centric philosophy for Samsung devices, most of you agree that this is the way forward for the company — 66.91% of the votes say so. On the other end of the spectrum, we've got a fifth of voters (20.16%) who disagree with this new approach, though we can only guess why that is — we speculate that it has to do with the kind of features that they love, but Samsung has recently given up on (removable battery, storage expansion, waterproofing). The remaining votes (12.93%) went into the middle category, with the folks behind them preferring to wait out before working out a verdict. See for yourself:

Do you agree with Samsung's new focus on design-centric devices?

I do
I don't
Not yet sure

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