Do you agree with Samsung's new focus on design-centric devices?


A recent poll of ours revealed that out of the 7 Galaxy S flagships Samsung has released to date, the previous-gen Galaxy S5 is only ahead of the original Galaxy S in terms of appearances, and not by much. That's a distressing thought, and the South Korea-based company must have agreed, for it axed the executive responsible for the design of the S5 shortly after it received a mostly unanimous 'NO' from critics and consumers alike. 

As we now know, however, the 'retiring' of said exec wasn't just for show, nor was it indicative of the lengths Samsung turned out to be willing to go to better the situation. In fact, considering the latest devices to come out of the company — like the new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, along with the Galaxy A and Galaxy E lines — it feels safe to say that Samsung has changed its priorities, and aesthetics now rank much higher on its list. That much is made clear by the S6 and S6 edge, both of which abandoned removable batteries and microSD card slots — Samsung staples — in favor if cleaner exteriors and slimmer, more premium bods made out of glass and metal. 

Ourselves, we have to admit that we like where the company is heading with this, but we're not at all blind to the growing dissent among Samsung loyalists. For them, practical concerns have so far always trumped fancier designs, and this means that sacrifices with functionality aren't welcome. Do you agree with them? Or are you happy with this new direction Samsung is taking? 

UPDATE: Poll tool should now work properly. Apologies for the mishap!

Do you agree with Samsung's new focus on design-centric devices?

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