Design-wise, the Galaxy S5 is the second most disliked Galaxy S flagship in history (poll results)

Design-wise, the Galaxy S5 is the second most disliked Galaxy S flagship in history (poll results)
5 years after the introduction of the first Samsung Galaxy S line smartphone, we thought a walk down memory lane is fitting. On Monday, we asked you to consider all 7 devices that have been made available so far under the S moniker, and give us insight into your tastes — which one did you think looked best, design-wise? The results are now in.

Almost 2,600 people took our call and voted for their favorite Galaxy S device, and the resulting split is fairly consistent with what we expected. It'll be interesting to go through the comments and see if you were surprised, though. Why? Because the still very recent Samsung Galaxy S5 bombed.

Indeed, with just 94 votes (3.65%), the S5 is only ahead of the original Galaxy S, which grabbed 26 votes (1.01%). The most votes went to the Galaxy S6/S6 edge, with 1795 people (69.63%) giving Samsung thumbs up. The Galaxy S II landed second, with 322 votes, or 12.49%, followed by the Galaxy S4 (6.63%) and S III (6.59%).

Again, we're not at all surprised to see the Galaxy S5 at the bottom — we were less than ecstatic when Samsung first showcased it over a year ago. As some of you might remember, Chang Dong-hoon — the designer behind the S5 — promptly stepped down (or was pushed out) from his position as head of mobile design, and was replaced with his VP, Lee Min-hyuok. The negative reception was obviously a wake up call for Samsung, for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge reverted popular opinion completely, as seen from the results below. Check them out:

Poll: Which is your favorite Samsung Galaxy S design?

Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge


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