DirecTV Now is already facing a myriad of performance issues and bugs

DirecTV Now is already facing a myriad of performance issues and bugs
Thanks to the immeasurable power of the Internet, tons of people are moving away from traditional cable and satellite providers for their television service and opting for Internet-powered variants. Sling TV and PlayStation Vue have already proved that they're worthy options to consider if you're looking to cut the cord once and for all, and AT&T's DirecTV Now service that just launched on November 30 is looking to get in on the Internet-powered TV action. Unfortunately, just a day after its official launch, the service's official support forums and Twitter account have been completely flooded with customer complaints.

When a new service such as DirecTV Now launches, it's not uncommon for a bug or two to exist. In this particular case though, there appears to be a myriad of various issues that are currently plaguing the end-user experience. Many customers are reporting that they're having issues signing into their account, and while the DirecTV Now support account on Twitter claims that some of these issues have been fixed, not everything is sunshine and rainbows quite yet.

Error 60 looks to be one of the biggest issues that customers are currently running into, and this causes the user to get kicked off of the sign-in screen because DirecTV Now thinks that the person trying to sign in has reached the limit of how many simultaneous streams can be running at once. Unfortunately, this is occurring even without any streams running at all. Error 40 is also causing trouble for a lot of folks, and this one has television content freezing up for no reason at all.

Unfortunately for AT&T, things don't stop there. Official forums on the DirecTV Now website show that users have experienced issues with the service not working on a heap of devices, including Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and Amazon's Fire TV. Couple this with the fact that certain channels and shows display messages of "blocked" or "Sorry, blocked in your current location" for no real reason, and you're looking at a pretty rocky start for the service.

All of these issues will likely be resolved within the coming days, but if you were hoping to be among the first to try out DirecTV Now, you're probably better off waiting until these problems has subsided.

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source: CNET via BGR



1. razmahtaz001

Posts: 501; Member since: May 11, 2013

i had sling since it first came out, for about 2 yrs now...i also tried vue when it first came out. both of those service had many glitches too (and still have glitches to this day), so i wasnt looking for a glitch free service with directv now. i knew before hand that there woud be glitches, but for most part, im able to stream to my pc and android devices mostly glitch free on the second day...first day was a nightmare LOL

2. GoTstan

Posts: 389; Member since: Jul 25, 2015

Curious, with all the services u sub to, wouldn't it be cheaper to stick with cable?

3. NarutoKage14

Posts: 1354; Member since: Aug 31, 2016

That's what I'm always thinking. If you really want to replace your cable or satellite connection it could be a nightmare. Hulu, Netflix, HBO now and a few others. In the end you're usually still paying your TV service provider for an internet connection which is more expensive without the TV service.

4. Dr.Phil

Posts: 2578; Member since: Feb 14, 2011

Normally, it's only more expensive for internet without accompanying TV service for about a year. Most bundles that you see online like "Get internet and TV for $89/ month" have a little ** next to it that if you scroll down will find that the price is only locked in for one year and doesn't include many cable taxes and fees. I don't know of anyone that is able to keep their TV and internet at the low price they signed up at for longer than 2 years max. Also, he was saying that he used Sling TV and has tried PS Vue (didn't say he is a current Vue subscriber). I was also a PS Vue subscriber for the past few months and I recognize it may not be for everyone. For someone like myself where I am only going to watch certain channels and want all of the sports channels, $34.99/month for 60+ channels (real channels too, not those filler channels like QVC or ETN or music channels that gets you to that total. These are actual channels you would watch) it was a real deal. I pay about $45/month for internet. Charter does offer a TV/internet bundle for about $89/month but that's just for a year and then it'll go up to $119. That's for about 70-100 channels I believe. And you also have to remember cable TV packages charge extra for digital receivers or DVR receivers. PS Vue offers DVR for free. With all of that out of the way, I did sign up for DirecTV Now and can attest to it having some pretty big glitches, but considering it was just available as of yesterday I know that these are normal bugs and issues that are expected of a new service. I am 80% sure that the majority of problems is just coming from too many people accessing the servers. I am sure they are building out their servers to handle the increased traffic as we speak.

6. razmahtaz001

Posts: 501; Member since: May 11, 2013

ive actually cancelled sling the day i signed up for directv now yesterday...i cancelled vue before my 7 day trial expired becuase i did not like the away from home streaming BS. im actually satisfied with my experience with directv now even tho glitches arises now and did with sling and vue during their start up...up til now even, but not as many. i know things will get better in sure none of these service will ever be 100% perfect...just deal with what works best for you adn what glitches you can live with LOL

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