Did your update your iPhone to iOS 12 already? (poll results)


Did your update your iPhone to iOS 12 already, or are you waiting on 12.1?

Yes, on iOS 12 now
Not yet

Initial claims that the iOS 12 uptake has been the slowest in the history of iPhone and iPad software updates so far have been followed by better numbers, and our own poll yesterday comes as a tangential confirmation that the adoption rate has sped up. 

At Day 10, it sat at just 20.7%, compared to up to 63% with previous iOS versions, but is reportedly up to 50% now, in line with historical precedence. A quarter of our 906 respondents said that they are hesitant to hit the button, perhaps waiting for the first inevitable bug fixes and feature unlocking in the next sub-version that is likely to land towards the end of the month.

The reasons for the slower initial adoption rate might have been that there are much more iPhones and iPads out there now, plus some of the features that Apple promised on stage during the WWDC event back in the summer are arriving with the subsequent 12.1 update. 

Group FaceTimedual SIM iPhone XS and XS Max functionality, and some others come to mind, but 12.1 is also expected to include plenty of bug fixes for the wired charging and more.

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