Did you know the meaning behind ‘i’ in iPod, iPhone and iPad?

Nowadays, saying ‘apple’ would bring associations with a tech company rather than a fruit, and things like iPod, iPhone and iPad are household names, but did you know that there is a hidden meaning behind the ‘i’, a meaning that was embedded in it when Apple launched its first iProduct?

It all starts around 1997 when Steve Jobs made his return to Apple from NeXT Computers with a grand vision and with a company 6 months short of going bankrupt. Groups of Apple employees have formed, each one blaming others for the demise of the company, and Cupertino was practically all in shambles. Jobs spent the first few months cutting down on products and employees, and trying to regain focus. What remained were two product lines - the PowerPC and the Mac family, and it was time take a bet and put all chips on the table on one of these.

It was the Mac family, with a plan for the first computer to ship with a new for the time Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector, and the first to shockingly skip the 3.5-inch floppy drive. This visionary approach to features will later become an Apple trademark. One more thing - Jobs had a radically different vision for its looks and design - it was not to be disassembled and upgradable (that was a stark difference from the vision of core Apple engineers like Wozniak), it was translucent and came in a fascinating array of vivid colors. It was like nothing else in the market, and right in its center was a CD-Rom drive.

"We're betting the company on this computer," said Steve. "It needs a great name."

As always, Jobs took the creative lead, thinking up names and he eventually came up with the name MacMan. Luckily, he was not the only one involved in the process. Ken Segall came to Apple directly from NeXT, with Steve Jobs, and he and his team were shocked when hearing the name. It must have taken a lot of convincing, but finally Steve agreed with his Apple co-workers to settle on a different name: iMac.

"It's a full-powered Mac, so it can do a lot of things. But first and foremost, it will get you onto the Internet in 10 minutes, even if you've never used a computer before."

And that’s where the ‘i’ in all succeeding Apple products comes from: ‘i’ for the Internet, the most important new feature of the iMac. The presentation board, however, liked the name for more than just that. The name was spot on - it was simple, it was obvious, it fit in the ‘Think Different’ Apple ideas. To them, it also stood for other things, things of different value like individual and imagination. These are the core Apple values built in the names of the current iPod, iPhone and iPad. We might also see an iWatch, and many other iDevices, but the values behind those products seem to remain a priority for Apple, don’t you think?

reference: Ken Segall, Quora



1. Caralho

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4. james004

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i for eye. i for illuminati.

14. Credo

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100% agree!

9. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Someone must be very bored at phonearena


Posts: 2315; Member since: Jul 30, 2011

lol ..... how dare you steal my thunder!?

29. PhoneArenaUser

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Victor H. did you know that Apple's logo "apple" is poisonous, there is a story about that too! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Turing

2. MarkArigayo

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Thanks. Now I really know.

3. darkkjedii

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Legendary, iconic, and synonymous with success.

5. PBXtech

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Kinda getting watered down due to the plethora of other companies placing an "i" in front of their device names as well. Is that a testament to Apple? Sure, but it's getting old in some ways too.

8. Feanor

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Indeed. Apple should have sued BMW when they came with the name iDrive... or not; after all BMW is a premium brand and iDrive alluded to Apple products in a way that could only be a free advertisement for Apple. And then other companies followed...

28. dratomic

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idrive was so ahead of its time that left most buyers confused and frustrated! fact!


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Please define plethora for him as, it's beyond his comprehension.

10. Lboogey6

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Not an apple fan but it's still interesting and historic

11. androiphone20

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iConic, iCool

12. Vanster

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i still can't understand what you say about "i", so someday i will make the "u" device

15. aayupanday

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Hahaha..... Like the uPad

13. Credo

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I is the same as 'eye', it's a symbol.of the Illuminati, that is the real reason, nothing else ;-)

16. NokiaFTW

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At first I thought that was Ashton Kucther. Then I realized it was Steve Jobs when he was young.

17. XperiaFanZone

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I knew that. But they're sometimes overused.

18. tenho1982

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Just for fun, who in here really cares what the i means?

19. zekes

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The first IMac was a hit The speakers on that thing was loud

20. tedkord

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Macman? That really makes me question Steve Jobs' reputation as a marketing genius. Plus, it's clearly a ripoff of Walkman.

41. Kaiser2007

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It comes from Pac-Man.

21. E34V8

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"...things of different value like individual and imagination. These are the core Apple values built in the names of the current iPod, iPhone and iPad. " Mmm yes. Things like individual, imagination and Think Different immediately pop in to my head, when I think of iPhones and iPads . Oh no, wait! The opposite things... the opposite things pop in to my head, when I think of those products.Products with no options for personalization to set one apart from the other.

22. kevinhope5

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23. kevinhope5

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iRead the whole article, how iStupid! How do you eXplain the first Pod in October 2001 without iNternet. Quite frankly, the "i" should stand for: iNsufferable iNcomplete iDiotic iMaginary iNsolent iNtrusive iNcapable iSham .... etcetera

26. sianto

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Ofcourse I knew it.

30. jacko1977

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icrap ijunk ish*t

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