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Did we see the Nokia Lumia phablet?

Did we see a Nokia Lumia phablet?
Saturday night, we showed you a picture of what looked like mass produced aluminum chassis for the soon to be announced Nokia EOS. But as the sun came up on Sunday morning, a new interpretation of the picture was being made. As some of our own astute readers realized, the phone looked larger than what you might expect from the Nokia EOS. And at the same time, a photo comparison between the Nokia Lumia 920 and the metal chassis revealed that the chassis was a lot longer than the Nokia Lumia 920.

One guess of the size of the chassis put it at around the same size as the original Samsung GALAXY Note (147mm x 83mm) which could make the metallic body a part of the rumored Nokia Lumia phablet that is on the way. Actually, as we told you Saturday night, there are two phablets expected to be coming from the Finnish handset manufacturer. One is rumored to drop in the September-October period with a 5.5 inch to 6 inch screen, while the other is expected next February. That model will have a high MP camera sensor with the Pelican-like lytro camera that allows the focal point of a picture to be changed after it is snapped.

According to Europe's business bible, the Financial Times, the first phablet will have more advanced specs than Samsung's phablet. It is expected to carry a 1080 x 1920 resolution, with an extra row of icons, and will be powered by the GDR 3 version of Windows Phone 8. That would mean it could technically support a quad-core processor, but the buzz is that Nokia has been having battery issues with this.

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