Details on the cameras of Google's Pixel foldable leak

Details on the cameras of Google's Pixel foldable leak
The Pixel foldable sounds… weird. Google has been developing its take on foldable smartphones for quite some time and many bits and pieces of information have already been leaked. There is almost nothing definitive, however, as we still do not even know what the name of the device is going to be (most rumors point to it being called the Pixel Fold or Pixel Notepad).

This time around, the newest tip concerns the cameras of the Pixel foldable smartphone. The original leak comes from a prominent Chinese tipster, Digital Chat Station, and it was posted first on Weibo. It has since been covered by Android Authority in a dedicated article.

According to the tip, the Pixel foldable will be folded horizontally (as opposed to vertically, as is the case with the Galaxy Fold series). The inner screen will be corner-to-corner, with no punch-hole cutout. If you were expecting an under-display camera, you are in for a surprise.

Unlike the selfie camera on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Pixel foldable will have a frame-mounted selfie camera, positioned on the bezel of the inner screen. This is not an unheard of design solution, but it is also not in any way common.

That is not to say that the Pixel foldable will not have a punch-hole camera at all - on the contrary. This should be understood quite literally. The punch-hole camera will simply be on the outer screen of the device and it should be positioned centrally.

These camera placement solutions, coupled with the horizontal fold and the smaller dimension of Google’s foldable (for reference, most tipsters claim the smartphone will be more similar to the Find N than the Galaxy Z Fold in terms of size) paint a very interesting picture. It seems Google’s Pixel Fold, Notepad or whatever it ends up being called will not be your ordinary foldable.

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