Details emerge surrounding US Cellular's "The Belief Project"

Details emerge surrounding US Cellular's
In less than 24 hours from now, we'll all know the specific details surrounding US Cellular's upcoming “The Belief Project.” However, there are some small snippets of information being made known right now that points to some interesting new details regarding the carrier's intentions.

Basically, the regional wireless carrier will begin offering “One and Done” contracts starting tomorrow which will enable customers who complete their 2-year contracts move to a month-to-month post paid offering. Doesn't sound anything new, right? However, the biggest change to it can be found with their “Belief Rewards” which looks to be more like a rewards system than anything else since customers will be able to rack up points the longer you stick with the carrier and not jump ship. The points that are earned could then be used to get early phone upgrades, activating new lines, and even ringtones.

In addition to all of that, it appears as though that the Belief Project will even dish up a $100 phone replacement in the event that you lose your handset or have it stolen. And to round things off, they'll even send you overage cap warnings if you begin to get close to your allotment and a 5 percent discount if your enroll in auto-pay for your monthly bill.

There might be some additional goodies coming along for the ride, but we'll all know for sure tomorrow when it's officially announced.

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1. Ramona unregistered

Yayyyy US CELLULAR!!! Im excited about the Belief Project...cant wait..

2. chicago121 unregistered

after first contract you done? no more signing after that. and you still can get phone for huge discount or even with using points for free?? WOW! can`t wait for that!

3. Angela Arbour unregistered

What does this mean for those of us that have already been with you for a long period of time? Do we get points for all those years, and can we get new phones before our contracts run out as well? I know now just because I am in a contract I couldn't be in on the buy a phone for a penny deal and didn't really think that was too fair! I do love the service with US Cellular and have been a ten plus year customer!!!

5. countrygirl562 unregistered

yes!!! you will be rewarded for your tenure!! You can finish up your current contracts and then not ever have to sign another one. EVER!!! You can also upgrade your phones with your points at the discounted price!!!

4. RWC unregistered

For those who have been customers you will earn tenure points for being our customer. More details to come soon.

6. Redsman unregistered

I called on this and this magical plan requires you go into one of the Belief plans but wait there is a catch it cost you more for all this. Now that is not rewarding! LOL So my plan would be an extra 20 a month. 240 a yr the best it will do is allow me to upgrade at 18 months instead of 24. WOW why not just buy the phone I want for 179. they are gonna charge me 240 for the new plan plus 49 for the phone. No deal there folks.

8. Danemit unregistered

I signed up for the plan, where do i find the number of points that i have accumulated?

9. jennifer unregistered

well the girl who would have gotten charged an extra 20 consider yourself lucky. I was lied to on the phone about the price and agreed to it. I am now paying 50 extra a month for the same plan. thats 600 a year extra > glad there is no commitment now because they just lost a 15 year committed customer.

10. jennifer unregistered

After being lied to and tricked into signing up for belief project I went into the store. They tried to charge me 150 each line to cancel. guess that employee didnt know his facts. when looking around found out other phone companys charge far less for the same plan with a better and cheaper selection of phones. Thank God for the belief project shoving me into another companies arms. I went from my original us cellular plan of 185 to the belief project 235. now after shopping around Im paying $129 . Thanks belief did make my life better.

11. robert unregistered

I was told last month that the penny phones would be good until the end of the year. But when I went to the uscellular store and called them they didnt have any penny phones but the junk phones. the rep even told me to wait a month at the end of my billing cycle to get the new phone for my son and I. So I waited a until my billng cycle was over to come in. When I did they wanted me to pay more for what I wanted. Its a big rip off. I was told that if I went to the store and they had run out of the free phone and they come in the next day and the price went up I would have to pay for the new price.If its the same phone and they run out why should i have to pay the new price.

12. This company is a joke unregistered

U.S. Cellular is a company that is doing everything they can to get new customers. The belief project sounds great but when you look at it you are paying more for "points" for ringtones..or new phones? U.S. Cellular has phones that Verizon and Sprint launched 2 years ago. They have Android...and Blackberry BIG DEAL!!! AT&T offers, Windows 7, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm. They need to get into the mix with the phones or they will be bought out. The desperation with the belief project is their last ditch effort to grow the business before its gone. Good luck to won't work.

13. whisperingsage unregistered

My husband signed up for this because he was told everyone would have to. We have 5 lines. One extra line is my 81 yr old mother, and 2 lines are to very poor ladies in the church who live out in the boonies with no other phone possible. Our last plan cost $160 per month, but after the belief plan we are now racking up $250 a month! The only thing he added was unlimited texting, but at that rate, we could have continued with the 25 cents a text and had it cheaper. (his daughter is the only one that texts and only to him which is a charge) He clears $2000 per month, so this is killing us. And they double charge you on your first bill, that got us behind quick. And they are open about this.

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