Despite iPad mini, Apple's tablet share dips in Q4, Amazon on the rise

Despite iPad mini, Apple's tablet share dips in Q4, Amazon on the rise
Some may still say that the iPad "dominates" the tablet market, but we can't agree with that statement anymore. Apple has lost quite a bit of its tablet market share over the past couple of quarters, and Android (both Google Android and non-Google Android (NGA)) are making moves. IDC released new numbers for Q4 2012, and despite the iPad mini, Apple lost more ground, and Amazon picked up the slack.

According to the IDC, the overall tablet market saw big growth for the holiday quarter, up 75.3% year-on-year and 74.3% from Q3. Year-on-year, the big growth went to the official Google Android tablets as Samsung saw year-on-year shipment growth of 263% and Asus grew 402.5% year-on-year. Unfortunately, Asus also saw a decline in share from Q3 to Q4, dropping from 7.8% to 5.8%. It seems that even the holiday season and its Nexus 7 could help that. 

On the NGA hand, Amazon increased its share to 11.5%, up from 8.3 percent in Q3, by shipping 6+ million tablets during Q4, and Barnes & Noble had a respectable quarter, shipping almost 1 million units, and increasing its share from 0.7% to 1.9%.

But, even with all of that movement, Apple still retained the top spot by shipping 22.9 million units, which represented a 48% year-on-year shipment growth. Still, Apple's share did drop to 43.6%, which is down from 46.4% in Q3 2012, and 51.7% in Q4 2011. 

IDC did note that Microsoft just missed the top 5 by shipping just under 900,000 Surface tablets. If sales of the tablet are close to shipments, that puts Surface sales much higher than some estimates. And, given that the Surface wasn't on the market for the entire quarter, that's not too bad a showing.

Some interesting numbers from IDC, but we'd really like to see the platform breakdown along with the manufacturer numbers. It looks like Android as a whole could be close to iOS in total market share even without counting NGA devices, and Android would likely be well over iOS if you do count NGAs from Amazon and B&N. 

source: IDC via The Next Web



9. thunderbolt

Posts: 76; Member since: Jan 10, 2013

so even the rich and wealthy also decided to start saving money by looking for other tabs despite mini ?

8. sithvenger

Posts: 371; Member since: Aug 25, 2012

Amazons kindle is the only tablet that really matters outside of the iPads. The N7 matters somewhat, the mass consumer market still prefers iPads, and kindles.

7. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

Like I said, this is the reason the iPad mini exist in the first place... But its just delaying the inevitable

5. Bhargava

Posts: 2; Member since: Oct 06, 2012

ASUS's growth is insane, but their total tablet shipments are 3.1 million, which is less than half of Apple's year on year growth! Samsung only barely managed to ship as many tablets as Apple grew its numbers by (about 7.8 million). Merely an observation; percentages don't always give the required picture.

6. tedkord

Posts: 17528; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

They give enough of the picture to see that just as happened with smartphones, iOS has been overtaken. It was inevitable.

4. joey_sfb

Posts: 6794; Member since: Mar 29, 2012

I am happy that both Samsung and Asus tablet is doing well.

3. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

Like many have said....all the Mini did was cannablize ther market share from the bigger one. It got spread out between the 2....and it dipped. Will the same thing happen if Apple puts out a cheaper new model or different models...? Apple gotta be thinkng hard now about what they wanna do with the iPhone.

1. Reluctant_Human

Posts: 914; Member since: Jun 28, 2012

This chart just shows me what a Nexus device does for a company. Asus' growth is insane.

2. noim1

Posts: 297; Member since: May 15, 2012

Yes look at LG now..... Last year they were nothing.. After taking on a Nexus device..they r standing tall now...

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