Designed for quick updates, why hasn't the CDMA Samsung GALAXY Nexus received Android 4.1?

Designed for quick updates, why hasn't the CDMA Samsung GALAXY Nexus received Android 4.1?
Android 4;1 was introduced in June and we are now in the closing days of August without the latest Android OS being made available for Verizon and Sprint's version of the Samsung GALAXY Nexus. The Nexus models are pure Google experience phones which means they have no additional software layered over Android such as HTC's Sense or Samsung's TouchWiz. Meanwhile, the unlocked GSM model has been updated to Jelly Bean and is offered for sale in the Google Play Store.

So what is holding up the update? Despite speculation that it might have to do with the CDMA technology used in both the Verizon and Sprint variants of the device, there really is nothing that would make the CDMA model of the Samsung GALAXY Nexus harder to update than the GSM model. What is getting Verizon and Sprint customers who own the phone quite perturbed is the news that the International model of the Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to be receiving Android 4.1.1 this coming week. And that is a model that has the manufacturer's TouchWiz skin running on top of Android.

For those owners of the CDMA Samsung GALAXY Nexus who can't wait, there is always the DIY method which would involve rooting your phone and installing one of the Jelly Bean ROMs that have come out. This is an option that is only for those who know what they are doing because a mistake could leave you with a CDMA brick. And even if you are successful and your GALAXY Nexus survives, your warranty won't.

Verizon isn't known for being quick with updates. The carrier performs stringent tests to see not only how the update works on a phone, but also tests who the update is sent out to the device. Sure, this prevents a bad update build from affecting customer experience, but it also slows things down. The bottom line is that eventually the CDMA Samsung GALAXY Nexus will receive Android 4.1.1 although it won't be as timely as hoped.

This would be a great time for those with the phone to get their frustrations off their chest. You can let us know how you feel by commenting in the box below.

source: CNET

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