Deal-o-rama: discounted, free apps and games for iOS & Android

Deals, promotions, price reductions... who doesn't love these? Almost each and every week, we get treated to a round of notable iOS and/or Android apps and games that are available for less than usual and carry a smaller price tag. 

Surely, we are among those who can't wait to get their hands on a sweet bargain, that's why we always try to get hold of the discounted app and games. But sharing is caring, so we usually inform you about these in a timely fashion.

We've aggregated a brief pick of iOS/Android apps and games that are currently being subjected to a promotion. As usual, however, these last for a short time, so if some of these catches your attention, get it as soon as possible, or you might easily miss the bargain. Without further ado, check the discounted or "gone-free" apps right below.

1. iOS deals
2. Android deals

iOS deals


The App Store's Free Аpp of the Week

Lifeline is a survival game, but certainly of a more innovative type. It will require you to communicate with a stranded, unlucky astronaut, called Taylor, who has had its spaceship wrecked on the way to Tau Ceti IV. While you are not able to control Taylor directly, you can still helping him by talking with him, advising him, and helping him survive. Taylor won't be around all the time - usually, you will have to wait for a while before you receive his response as a push notification, which is quite an intriguing gameplay mechanic. The experience is so engrossing that you will most certainly feel extremely attached to Taylor at the end of his journey. 

A must-have.

Visual Anatomy 

Free, down from $2.99

As its name suggests, this app allows you to visually explore the human body and all of its systems, like all the muscle groups, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, and all other important body systems. You are also allowed to explore the organs in 3D. The app is well-made, and although the interface is a bit dated, it is rather easy to get around and comprehend the information. There are also a number of great anatomy quizzes on board. Beware, these are rather hard!

Sleep Maker

Free, down from $0.99

Have trouble falling asleep? Well, we are not saying that it will be helpful at all, but this app sounds like it might just do the trick. Sleep Maker will emit gentle ambient sounds that will get you relaxed and reportedly help you fall asleep. It has a wide range of ambient noise collections in its arsenal, like rain, bird songs, ocean, forest, and ocean-inspired sounds in it. It won't hurt to try it, will it?

Android deals

Knights of Pen & Paper 2

Now $2.91, down from $4.99
Download it from the Play Store

The sequel to one of the more popular adventure games is currently available for a lower price than usual. Get it for as low as $2.91 and embark on a turn-based quest in Expandria. The game is popular for its retro pixel-style looks, which were later on emulated by lots of games. Don't miss this one.

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Now $1.50, down from $2.91

The Android version of the classic Xbox game has just had its price slashed. Have in mind that this release has better graphics than the original. You play as Munch the Gabbit and his sidekick Abe who are on rather important quest - dealing with the greedy Vickers.


Now $0.99, down from $1.99

You're a battery, but you've got no legs. What to do? Use your remaining charges to cling to walls, charge up complex mechanisms, and even destroy stuff, but do it sparingly, as you have a limited amount of charges in your arsenal and new ones are not easy to come by.


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