Deal: Nextbit Robin sale knocks 25 percent off the phone's price tag

Deal: Nextbit Robin sale knocks 25 percent off the phone's price tag
When you're making a new smartphone, it's all too easy to take an existing popular model, tweak a few aspects of its design and feature set, and call it a day; how many cookie-cutter gray slabs of handsets have we seen launch over the years? So when Nextbit introduced the Robin, with both a design aesthetic that was like nothing else out there, and a cloud-focused storage mechanic that felt like it had the potential to be more than just a gimmick. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we saw the Robin arrive earlier this year, and were pleasantly surprised by the company's inaugural effort. Now the phone's getting a decent price break, as Amazon knocks $100 off the Robin's price for the next two weeks.

From now through June 21, you can pick up a Nextbit Robin at Amazon for just about $300, a $100 savings off the $400 the phone regularly goes for.

That $300 price point also represents the same deal the very first Kickstarter backers got to take advantage of; if you weren't one of those lucky 1000 early adopters, this is your chance to pick up the phone for that same low price.

We saw a similar $100-off deal arrive early last month, but that one only ran for a week, so now you're able to take your time and think about whether or not this innovative phone might be a good fit for you.

Since launching, we've already seen the Robin receive a major software update, getting Android 6.0.1 in the process. Unfortunately, that update also managed to fry our review unit, but luckily for most users, that appears to be an isolated incident.

Anyone thinking of dropping $300 on this handset? Or would you rather spend your smartphone-buying dollar on more traditionally mainstream models?

source: Amazon via Android and Me

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