The all-new Fire 8 HD is on sale on Amazon

The all-new Fire 8 HD is on sale on Amazon
Amazon recently revealed a new lineup of Echo devices and introduced its new cloud gaming service, Luna. When a company introduces new products, it's a great opportunity to run a sale on its current portfolio. Amazon is no exception to this unwritten rule, so if you're in the market for a cheap tablet, the US retailer definitely has you covered.

The all-new Fire HD 8 is great value for money, regardless of whether you pick the ad-supported or the ad-free version. The cheapest model typically sells for $90 and comes with 32GB storage capacity. The 64GB model is a bit more expensive at $120, but hey, you'll get double the storage.

Of course, we're talking about the ad-support variants, but if you'd rather go for the ad-free models, you'll have to come up with either $105 or $135. The all-new Fire 8 HD is available in three color options: Black, Plum, and Twilight Blue.

As the title points out, Amazon is running a sale on the all-new Fire 8 HD, so customers can save $20 on the tablet. All ad-supported and ad-free variants are on sale and get the same discount, so it's up to each and everyone to decide which one best fits their needs.


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