Darma is the smart cushion that keeps your vitals in check while you're just sitting around

Darma is the smart cushion that keeps your vitals in check while you're just sitting around
Everything goes "smart". Yesterday, we saw the smartphone-connected sports shirt. Last week we saw smart headphones. At the pace we're moving at, it's only a matter of time before the kitchen-sink goes smart as well. Until then, behold the Darma smart cushion! It's a legitimate piece of backside-supporting mini-furniture that gives away you heart rate, breathing patterns, and sitting posture to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

The Darma has a mission unlike any other cushion out there - its mission is to actually make you not sit in it forever. Using in-built sensors, it detects when you sit for too long, assume a poor posture, and otherwise predispose yourself to an aching back. Darma will then try to correct you with a notification - stand up and stretch, don't slouch, don't stress over work. It will also generate reports so you can see how well you are doing over time.

Darma runs on a battery that's fit inside the cushion and lasts a month when fully charged. And while the cushion is iOS-only for now, an Android app is planned for the future too.

The world's first smart cushion will be ready for a Kickstarter campaign in June. The final price is expected to be $250, but early backers will be treated to a $100 discount.

source: Engadget


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