Cute puppy is no match for the Nokia 7705 Twist in this commercial spot

Cute puppy is no match for the Nokia 7705 Twist in this commercial spot
It's been close to a year now since the Nokia 7705 Twist made the rounds with its unique form factor that's something you don't necessarily see too often from Nokia's camp. The device was launched through Verizon Wireless, but it would seem apparent that it was more of a hit with females more than anything. If you've already forgotten about the Twist, it features the unique swivel mechanism to expose the portrait QWERTY, QVGA display, Bluetooth, and a microSDHC card slot. In this commercial spot for it, which we don't recall ever seeing air on television, three female teenagers are in the backseat of a convertible when they spot something from afar that catches their gaze. There is a pedestrian taking out their puppy for a cuddly walk around town when the girls simply couldn't resist pulling up to them and spilling out their cries. Ultimately, the puppy doesn't stand a chance against the Nokia 7705 Twist when the camera zooms in to actually find what was the obsession of the three girls. Similar to Verizon's Palm Pre Plus ads, this would make anyone think that the Twist is specifically geared towards a female audience.

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