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Custom Omnia HD ROM matches Pre Plus by running 50 apps at one time

Custom Omnia HD ROM matches Pre Plus by running 50 apps at one time
Remember the other day when we reported on the Palm Pre's ability to run 50 apps at one time? Not to be outdone, Adam Fullerton from told Symbian-Guru how he managed to achieve the same thing using a custom ROM on an Omnia HD. The ROM, HyperX's SpeedBuild 2.01, eliminates unnecessary background applications for the i8910 HD, and leaves the handset with about 190MB of RAM after booting. Fullerton was curious about how much he could do with all of that RAM. Watching the video that we showed you about the Pre loading 50 apps at one time inspired Adam to try to do the same on his i8910 HD. And yeah, while some of the downloads were nothing more than a calculator or clock, there were some rather memory intensive apps including three-count them-three browsers including SkyFire and Opera Mobile. And yes, Adam Fullerton made it to 50 apps with his Omnia HD using the custom ROM. But does anyone have the heart to tell him that the Pre stopped at 50 apps just because it was a round number, and could have kept going?

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source: Symbian-Guru


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