Curvy Samsung Galaxy Round can now be bought in the US, for a price

Curvy Samsung Galaxy Round can now be bought in the US, for a price

People sure had high hopes for thecurvy SamsungGalaxy Round, though Sammy's new boy made it obvious that a trulyflexible experience (straight out of a sci-fi flick) is out of thescope of possibilities it brought to the table. In fact, it wouldappear that we're still a few years away from that.

Nevertheless, it's a novel concept,and it sure is interesting, despite the simple fact that it appearsto be more for show than anything else, at least for now. It'stherefore not too surprising to see e-tailers like Negri Electronicsbanking on its novel curvature in order to draw interest for aphone that wasn't meant to be had outside of South Korea. Thefolks over at Negri seem to disagree with that limitation, oractually envision that people will be willing fork out a whopping and that's for a backorder. This could indicate one of twothings – either Negri managed to sell their batch of Galaxy Roundsrather quickly since their October 31 pre-order, or they never gotthem at all. Either way, while the price tag alone is an instantturn-off for most people, there are the rare individuals who likeowning the newest, most hot tech on the market.

Speaking of options, AustralianMobiCity has also apparently managed to kidnap some Galaxy Roundunits from their homeland, and are offering the device for but again – it's on backorder, though it also held a pre-sale, justlike Negri Electronics.

Those are some not-nice-looking pricetags, yet it's definitely better to have the option than not, right?

source: Negri Electronics, MobiCityvia TheDroidGuy

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