Cricket to offer prepaid wireless broadband service

Cricket to offer prepaid wireless broadband service
Cricket, the US wireless carrier famous for its low cost monthly prepaid plans, has announced that it will begin selling wireless prepaid broadband service for $40 per month. Rivaling the $59.99 per month price point of its competitors, the service will be offered without a contract or a credit check. Additionally, in a change from the strategy of its wireless counterparts, Cricket is encouraging users to use the broadband service as a primary internet connection, and as a result, the company will not be capping the service.

"There is nobody in the market providing wireless broadband to alow-income customer with no contract," said Jeff Toig, Vice-President of product marketing. "These are people under $50k household income,with no broadband Internet in their homes. This becomes theiralternative to DSL or cable." In regards to concerns about the network's capacity, Cricket isn't worried either: "We've been building up network capacity to make sure it doesn't clog up the network. We're learning our way through this."

The service will be in all Cricket markets by the end of the year.

via: PCMag



1. VZWREP unregistered

wow ill be honest that a pretty big blow for us and other post-paid carriers. i wonder what the responses will be. PLUS no 5gig cap?!?!?! ive got to give cricket props.

3. unregistered

Cricket does have the 5 GB limit as well. Locally (Portland, OR) they are advertising that they will be providing EVDO speeds which I think it's bs. They mentioned that they will be working closely with another company to be able to provide such high speeds; however, they never mentioned who this other "company" is.

4. unregistered

Wow, VZW rep thinks too little of VZW and too much of Cricket. Stay tuned, Cricket only takes T-mobile customers. We won't even NOTICE this. unless a mad Cricket customer comes in to port out.

5. VZWREP unregistered

trust me i dont think little of verizon. its competiion. 40 dollars compared to 60. unlimited compared to 5gig. no contract compared to a 2yr contract. which sounds better. there's no dount that our service is better but nowadays thats not was attracts consumers. people today like CHEAP and fancy. ive had verizon since i was 12 and i know work for them and no other company can beat use as far as service, quality and product. but like i said that doesnt fly in todays world people want CHEAP. PERIOD. every sinle say im at work people come in expecting to get phones for free just because theyre signing up for another 2 yrs. the mentality has changed drastically and people cant seem to see quilty just the price tag

2. unregistered

i feel for their customers though cause you know this will clog the network, no matter what they are saying now.

6. RonTxJediKnight unregistered

Hi, I just got the cricket wireless broadband 2 weeks ago and so far its great and fast like Verizon was but without the long term contract. So far they only offer a USB modem. Its only a matter of time before others do the same.

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