Could we see the Nexus 5 unveiling at today's Google+ event after all?

Could we see the Nexus 5 unveiling at today's Google+ event after all?
UPDATE: Nope, no Nexus 5, folks!

The Nexus 5, and more specifically – the Googly folks behind it – have turned the new phone into something of a nagging pest that simply won't come out already. Following the critically-acclaimed Nexus 4, the next-in-line Nexus 5 is, naturally, highly anticipated, and the hype is now officially edging on a craze.

We've gone through a number of release theories this past week and a half, and most of these have felt at least somewhat reasonable, though, ultimately, untrue.

This new theory is, kind of suspiciously, very much in line with that above notion. Essentially, it refers back to that Wind Mobile Nexus 5 pre-registration page, or well, a very specific part of it. It reads:

Okay, so what's the big deal, you may wonder. Well, as it turns out, Vic Gundotra, SVP of Engineering at Google has been kept awake, rehearsing for his appearance later tonight on stage during the Google+ event. The part which triggered the alarm is the fact that Gundotra used a #momentsthatmatter hashtag, seemingly referring to the Nexus 5.

So is this a long shot? Definitely, but it doesn't sound impossible. Google has been investing more and more effort into marketing its social platform as of late, and announcing a bigshot product like the Nexus 5 is sure to bring some extra publicity to the platform. Moreover, we've been literally witnessing a sort of an avalanche of tips and rumors of a release at the end of the month, which only further confuse the situation.

In any case, this latest theory, true or wrong, will be very short-lived, indeed, as the Google+ event is just hours away now. We suggest you hold your excitement until then. We've all been hurt already.

source: Vic Gundorta (G+)

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