Coronavirus influences another pessimistic estimation for upcoming 5G iPhones

Coronavirus influences another pessimistic estimation for upcoming 5G iPhones
We have been hearing a lot of rumors about the upcoming release of new iPhones, expected this fall. Nobody is certain whether the coronavirus outbreak will impact Apple’s production of new models or not. However, 9to5Mac now reports that there is yet another analyst that thinks delays are to be expected, but this time, the opinion is even more pessimistic, stating that the new 5G iPhones will not be coming this fall at all.

Wedbush states that its analysts have created a “worst case scenario” according to which 5G iPhones are not going to come this fall at all due to the coronavirus outbreak and the resulting freeze of Apple supply chains in Asia.

Additionally, Wedbush has taken into consideration iPhone sales in both the current financial year and the following one (starting the holiday quarter) and states that both can be affected. Given the fact that Apple stores all around the world are now closed, the negative effect of the current circumstances might be significant for Apple. Wedbush is reportedly providing this “negative stress test scenario” so that investors can elaborate on the situation and their estimations for the year 2021.

What’s more, the analysis predicts that only iPhone users which have not upgraded in more than 42 months are likely to purchase a new iPhone in the next couple of years.

Nevertheless, Wedbush does not specifically say that 5G iPhones will not be coming later in the year 2020, or be delayed into 2021.

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