Control your home alarm from your smartphone using Viper SmartStart

Control your home alarm from your smartphone using Viper SmartStart
The Viper SmartStart app has been improved. Besides starting, tracking and controlling your car from your smartphone, the app now adds control of your home alarm. This is accomplished by adding a toggle switch that allows you to go back and forth between car and home control. When switched to the home setting, the user can turn on or off their home alarm with one quick touch of a smartphone.

The Viper SmartStart app is available for free from the App Store, Android Market and BlackBerry App World. Those who have already installed the app need to update to version 2.2 to get the home alarm features. And there is one last thing. You must have an enabled home security system for the app to work.

The company behind the application has also just launched Viper SmartStart GPS which not only lets you control, track and locate a car using your smartphone, it also adds social networking and other safety functions.

source: IntoMobile



4. Mark A. Brooks unregistered

Make sure you get the VSS250 module so that you have GPS. This module is so new that BestBuy and others don't carry it yet. With the VSS200 module, you can still enjoy all the basic features without the GPS. I had the Viper 5701 installed fantastic. Make sure you read the FAQ's here (most importantly the 5th one):

5. Mark A. Brooks unregistered

Ooops...I meant the 6th one.

1. ATTCallCenter unregistered

I didn't know your viper car alarm system could do this. I'm totally going to get one, always wanted remote start, but now with my phone!!! If I leave me keys in the car who cares, I don't even lose my phone

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