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How to pair the noise-canceling AirPods Pro to your plane's entertainment system

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Bought an AirPod Pro or are preparing to give them as the most sought-after gift to frequent fliers? Well, you are in for a surprise, as in-flight entertainment systems (you know, the small TV on the back of the seat in front) are designed and applied years behind the newest technology, and don't have Bluetooth connectivity.

Also, it might have something to do with messing up the plane's electronics but that's an urban myth, right? In any case, if you can't be caught dead with those crappy little earphones that the flight attendants give out on long-haul flights, or simply gasp at the thought that they have to be plugged in, you'd want to find a way to connect your AirPods or other wireless gear to the system.

Those who have already used the Pro model, however, can attest that it isolates plane and passenger noise fairly successfully, so they'd also be a godsend to cut yourself off the annoying baby two rows. Here's how to connect:

1. Leave your AirPods Pro in the charging case - they must be inside to pair;

2. Get the AirFly dongle you might have ordered on Amazon upon reading awesome things about it here - the classic version is now on a Black Friday discount at $27.99, but we'd rather get the Duo that lets two pairs to connect and watch a movie or the news at the same. It also offers 20+ hours of battery life, vs 8+ for the Classic:

3. Plug the AirFly dongle in the audio jack of the entertainment system in front of you, pair and enjoy the noise-free audio while the front row kid wreaks havoc on the eardrums of those poor souls that had to make do with the complimentary earphone stuff. You can also get the Pro model that allows you not only to receive, but to send audio as well, so you can make your dumb car stereo smarter, and it charges fast via USB-C as well.

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