Come and watch Microsoft's first ad for the Surface tablet

Come and watch Microsoft's first ad for the Surface tablet
UPDATE:Sometime later in the day Tuesday, Microsoft is expected to announce pricing and availability for the Microsoft Surface. This comes after the new commercial for the tablets (seen below) appeared in a media blitz on Monday Night Football (Blitz, football, get it?)

source: Winsupersite via  WMPoweruser

Microsoft is expected to launch its Surface tablets on October 26th with two distinct models. The Microsoft Surface (8 Pro) is a mobile PC for those who need the power of an Intel processor and Windows 8 while on the go. In other words, it is like taking your office with you everywhere. The Microsoft Surface (RT) uses ARM based processors and is geared for those who want a similar type of tablet experience as you would receive from the Apple iPad or Android tablets.

The guys at Redmond have produced the first television spot for the tablets and it is certainly short on demonstrating the features of the device and long on gimmicks like dancing and the "click" sound effect from the kickstand. The only thing that one could take away after watching the ad is that the screen looks responsive.  

The latest pricing guidance we've had was a contest that revealed a price of about $350 for the RT variant of the Microsoft Surface tablet. Supply chain sources expect the Windows 8 model to cost you 5 Benjamins ($500) or more. But that is understood. After all, you can't produce entertainment like the commercial below on a shoestring budget.

source: YouTube,TheVerge via MobileSyrup

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