Code divers unveil what to expect in Pokemon GO update

Code divers unveil what to expect in Pokemon GO update
Code diving is the action of going neck-deep into someone else's source code to find out how it works. In some cases, it might reveal hidden information, such as scrapped or upcoming features. And when it comes to Pokemon GO, everyone wants to know what the code divers unearth from the game's source.

According to previous rumors, 100 new Pokemon will be making their debut with the update that's going to be announced officially on December 12. But it appears that there will be far more content coming our way.

According to recent leaks, Niantic could be adding Male and Female genders to Pokemon. The gender feature allowed players to breed Pokemon in the original games and was a great way for getting more rare creatures.

Additionally, some Pocket Monsters might be getting very rare “shiny” variations. In the original games, Shiny Pokemon were introduced in Generation II, so it makes sense that they could make a debut in Pokemon GO alongside the new 100 creatures, which are part of the same Generation.

New avatar customization options and Pokemon costumes might also be in the works, according to the leaks.

We have yet to see if any of this is true. It must also be kept in mind that some of these features might be in the works, but it's not guaranteed that they will be added with the next update. So, until we get official confirmation from Niantic, we'll just have to sit and wait.

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source: TheSilphRoad via AndroidAuthority

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