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Clumsy Ninja is now treating us to some inept martial arts moves on Android for free


Eastern martial arts movies were all the rage several decades ago and although most of them came with rather implausible physics and gravity-bending acrobatics, you can't deny the fact that they were toting a hefty amount of charisma. These kinds of entertaining flicks were collectively dubbed "kung fu movies", and although their popularity has waned a lot, it's still a little heart-warming when something makes us reminisce about the golden era of the ubiquitous ninjas and their lethal combat techniques.

In this line of thought, some of you might remember Clumsy Ninja, a critically-acclaimed game with ragdoll physics that landed on iOS several months ago. It was developed by NaturalMotion and featured an adorable “living virtual friend”. It was exclusive for Apple's platform up until now, but today Clumsy Ninja finally executed an inept flying kick and gawkily ninja-rolled to Google Play, where it is now available as a free download.

Clumsy Ninja's title is pretty descriptive, as it represents both the main protagonist of the game, a cute wide-eyed ninja wanna-be, and its most prominent characteristic – an unbelievable amount of klutziness! Yes, one wouldn't expect a ninja to be hapless, but that's the case here, folks! You'd have to step into the shoes of a sensei (a martial arts instructor), whose sole purpose is to teach the inept apprentice the art of ninjutsu.
In order to train the clumsy character and make him a lethal assassin, you'll have to make use of the interactive interface of the game. It allows you to drag the ninja around the training grounds, throw him in the air, make him stumble, knock him down, throw watermelons at him, and a lot, a lot more. You can also bind a couple of balloons to the little ninja's feet and watch him go airborne and helplessly float above the ground. Pop the balloons and the klutz will quickly fall in a hilarious fashion. You can play with the ninja as long as you desire, but if you want him to learn some new hapless moves, you'd have to train him by playing the numerous mini-games – trampoline jumping, roof hopping, and bag punching, to name a few.

The beautiful 3D graphics of Clumsy Ninja add up to the overall feel of the game and allow players to further immerse into the world of inept martial arts. In addition, Clumsy Ninja is the first mobile game to make use of the Euphoria animation engine, also developed by NaturalMotion. It renders procedural body animations in real-time and is used in popular console games, such as Grand Theft Auto IV, V, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

It doesn't matter if Karate Kid or Enter the Ninja are among your all-time favorite movies, Clumsy Ninja has all the bells and whistles to entertain you for a while. Downloading and playing the funny game on either iOS or Android won't cost you a dime. Still, some customization features, such as new costumes or additional ninja-related tools, are available as in-app purchases.

We highly recommend that you go ahead and download Clumsy Ninja on your Android device – it's one of those titles that come with pure and simple, yet truly fun gameplay.

Download: Clumsy Ninja (Android | iOS)

via: PocketGamer

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