Clear Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max review: the worst case made by Apple

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When it comes to protecting your iPhone, Apple sells a few cases it itself makes and some of them even though expensive feel very well made, but I have spend the last few days with the Clear Case on the iPhone 11 Pro Max and I am convinced this is probably the worst case Apple has ever made, so much so that I had to write this quick review.

The Clear Case sells for $40 over at and it’s made of plastic. It wraps the iPhone from all sides except from the bottom. Some may argue that it's better to have a case that wraps around the phone from all sides, but it actually makes sense to have the bottom part free: it makes access to ports easier and even more importantly it facilitates the gesture navigation interface. This touch alone shows that Apple has put some thought into making this case.

The Clear Case itself is not flexible at all and feels very sturdy. I don’t mind having this tough shell on the back of the phone, but the problem is that the plastic is also extremely hard to press at the sides of the phone, so much so that it takes a conscious effort every time you try to push the power key or volume keys on your iPhone. It’s shocking that such a relatively expensive case made by Apple itself is so terrible at something as simple as allowing you to press the physical buttons on the phone.

But my biggest issue with the Clear Case is that it is so slippery it feels like it is covered in oil. A case should ideally protect a phone and also enhance your grip on the device, so that you don’t drop it, and this one actually makes it feel like you are holding a bar of soap.

The hard-to-press buttons and the slippery material are the main reasons why I cannot wait to get the iPhone 11 Pro Max out of this case and this is why this case gets a solid thumbs down.

Final words and Alternatives

If you are looking for a Clear Case that is actually good, there is a myriad of options. One that I have used for a long time and have been quite satisfied with is the $20 Liquid Crystal case by Spigen that looks very similar to the Apple made one, but is sold at half the price, feels more durable and protective, yet still buttons on the side feel satisfyingly clicky. Note that the Spigen one wraps the phone from all sides, including the bottom.

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What is your experience with the Apple Clear Case for the iPhone 11 series? Have you used one? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Mobile Fun for providing this case for our review! You can shop their vast selection of cases and accessories here (if you live in the US) and here (if you live in the UK).

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