Claimed HTC G2 screenshot confirms simplified Sense 5.0

We got sent what a tipster claims is a UI screenshot taken on a test HTC G2. The G2 has been rumored for a while now to be one of the affordable HTC warriors this season, and might be announced later on at the MWC Expo, or, who knows, even at next week's HTC One event.

In any case, if the screenshot is valid, it reconfirms the new Sense UI paradigm of HTC towards cleaner, simpler looking interface, but it doesn't seem to sport the utterly minimalistic and tiled Sense 5.0 screenshots that were allegedly obtained from an HTC One handset before.

Let's not forget, that the HTC G2, or whatever it ends up being named, is supposed to be an entry level phone with 1 GHz processor and 3.5" display, so the interface might have been scaled down to fit the specs too. The screenshot resolution is 320x480 pixels, which is precisely the rumored HVGA display res of the G2, so this snapshot might be the real deal representation of what UI will be coming with the handset.

Thanks for the tip!

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